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A man of love. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
ghost of stellar.

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North to the Future [Jan. 9th, 2009|10:06 pm]
ghost of stellar.
So it's been 3 months since I last posted. Had great holidays with the fam and the lady. The plan since we got engaged has been for me to move up to resign from my job here in E'Town and move up to Lexington first of June. Due to this week's events, those plans are changing.

I got the news yesterday that I was a part of a company-wide layoff at Fischbach. Nothing to do with my performance - things are just slow due to the economy and stuff. Starting Monday, I will begin collecting unemployment, while I work on figuring out my job situation. I have been working toward trying to go fulltime freelance by the time I move, but now that process is going to be accelerated. I have a few new leads to try to make it happen that I am working on. There's no reason to stay here in E'town now that my day job is through, so I'm going to break lease and go ahead and move to Lexvegas in early March.

I'm not discouraged by this or anything - just more determined to improve as a designer and make a living doing what I want to do. I got a lot of good experience at Fischbach and it will help me toward that end. I am really excited about being in the same town as my future wife two months sooner than I anticipated. If anyone has some advice or some leads, I would appreciate it.
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Road to Marritation: ENGAGE! [Oct. 6th, 2008|05:41 pm]
ghost of stellar.
[mood |happyhappy]

So for those of you that haven't heard, I had a very eventful week.

Tuesday, I ran down to the 'berg and had some serious talks with my parents, and Susan's parents...the results were 75% favorable. Hopefully that will change before too long. (The 50% that really mattered worked out fine)

Saturday, I met up with my cousin Lauren in Lexington for a covert mission. While Susan was at work, we went browsing for a certain piece of jewelry. I didn't plan on buying just yet, but the good folks at Jared made the price right for ol' DP. Was I nervous? Not really.

So I started making plans. Wasn't sure when I was going to get my chance, but I had a general idea of where. I had thought about writing a poem, but thought better of that. I was going for the spontaneity factor. So what's more spontaneous than deciding to propose to your girlfriend on the day of??

Yep, everything just fell into place. I took her out to the Arboretum, where we had our first date, coincidentally one year to the day before.

I convinced her to go back to a certain part of the park with a small roofed area. Underneath of that roof, I reminded Susan that this was the the place where we first walked together, and first held hands. I asked her if she wanted to always walk with me and hold my hand. She was a little confused. I dropped to one knee, and then both knees, and popped the question. I was pretty choked up. I just happened all at once.

She said yes, got on both of her knees, and hugged me. I was really glad she said yes. I would've looked pretty bad otherwise!

We went over to a bench and prayed together, and talked about how crazy surreal this was. She admitted she was 70% surprised. That was good enough for me. We passed an elderly couple with their dog sitting on a bench on our way out. I whispered that that would be us some day. She laughed and said, "yes, but minus the dog!" We decided to go eat dinner at Puccini's, where we had had our first dinner together.

It just doesn't get more magical that that, right?


A lot of people didn't think I would ever make this kind of commitment. For a long time, I was one of them. I want everyone to know that I am not going into this lightly. I have spent a lot of time in prayer, and I truly believe that God's plan is for Susan and I to spend our lives together. She is an amazing person and I'm proud to call her mine.
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Random Thoughts... [Oct. 6th, 2008|05:36 pm]
ghost of stellar.
1. Why doesn't Oprah ever have anyone else on the cover of her magazine? I know that It's called "O" or "Oprah Magazine" or whatever, but don't you think that's vain? If there was a Derek Stellar Magazine, I'd limit my covers to a couple times a year, and let Brandon, Josh, Jon, et al rotate the cover occasionally. Granted, those issues wouldn't sell as well...

2. Why aren't all batteries rechargeable? I think this is a good question. Seriously. It's a waste of money to keep buying regular batteries.

OK, I guess that's it.
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Greatest Birthday Weekend Ever [Sep. 9th, 2008|11:19 pm]
ghost of stellar.
[music |Violent Femmes]

So before it gets (way far) away from me, I've gotta post about my Labor Day/Anniversary/Birthday weekend.

Sept. 1st was mine and Susan's 1  year anniversary.  We went up to Shakertown and stayed.  It was really cool.  Fine accomodations.  Great food.  Brushing up on Shaker history and culture.  No work to do for a few days is always good.  Pictures HERE~!

Susan once again cemented her awesomeness, by throwing me my first ever surprise party, at our friends the Porters' house in Lexington that Sunday.  All of my Lexington homeys, including my sis and bro-in-law, showed up.  Brandon and Sarah even drove up from BG.  Fun party games, good food, party games, and overall merriment.  Pictures HERE~!

We finished up the weekend by taking couple-y pics.  As if you haven't had enough, this will surely do it.  Pictures HERE~!
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CAN. NOT. WAIT. [Sep. 9th, 2008|10:00 pm]
ghost of stellar.

Nashville, TN- December 6th
Saturday, December 06, 2008

Vanderbilt University Memorial Gym
December 6th, 2008- 7:30pm belltime
2601 Jess Neely Drive
Nashville, TN 37212

Tickets go on sale Friday, September 12th at 10am EST at www.rohwrestling.com.

Talent lineup and matches will be announced in upcoming weeks!!!

No video or digital cameras are allowed in the building!!!

Card subject to change!!!


Seriously.  I'm actually leaving work just to go home on Friday and buy tickets online.  I was thinking about taking a vacation this winter to go up north and catch an ROH show, but they're coming to me!!! Hoo-rah!!!

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At least I'm not like all those other old guys! [Sep. 9th, 2008|09:58 pm]
ghost of stellar.
I'm twenty-nine years old, still wearing the wallet chain, like I was twenty-eight.
I'm wearing my Vans right now, so high school kids will think that I can skate.
I've got a degree in science, yet shaking my fists in defiance.

Anyway, I'm not cliché, I hardly own any ties. I may be old, but at least I'm not like all those other old guys.

I'm watching MTV, for fashion tips, so I can say, that I saw it first.
Backwards hat, tattoos, and goatee say I'm cool, just like Fred Durst.
I pay almost all my bills, I sleep on a futon still.

Anyway, I'm not cliche, I might not even die. I may be old, but at least I'm not like all those other old guys.
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Wild Horses [Aug. 26th, 2008|09:16 pm]
ghost of stellar.
[music |Rolling Stones]

Time for my monthly update, right?

Life in E'town is getting better. I was under some mega stress for a while there. Work has slowed down a bit. I'm finally getting more comfortable with my day job. For a while there, I was dreading coming in to work each morning. I still have some of those days, but they are more sparse. The past couple of days have been better than they deserved to be, seeing as how they were Monday and Tuesday, respectively. There is the odd spot of office politics, and there are a couple of two-faced individuals who have made things hard for me a couple of times. Overall though, it is a good place to work, and I've picked up some new skills. Now that I have some pre-press experience under my belt, I'm a lot more marketable as a designer.

In other news, it looks like I finally have my house in BG sold! I had a lot of potential buyers flake out on me, but finally, a young, first time home buyer, is making it happen. I really wanted the place to go to someone like that, rather than some property manager. I'm actually going to make an okay profit too. I'm definitely going to do something nice for my dad and stepmom, because they helped me a lot on fixing the place up. Heck, I wouldn't have been able to buy the place in the first place if not for them. This will be great to get behind me- I have a lot of things to save for...

So Susan and I will have been together for 1 year on September 1st (we count the day we met as our anniversary)! We have an activity-packed 4-day weekend ahead - she loves to plan. Going to a comedy club, staying at Shakertown, seeing some friends, and getting some "official" fancy couple pics taken.

So yeah, life is good. I am blessed! Hoo-rah!
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Craigs-Listed [Jul. 28th, 2008|08:38 pm]
ghost of stellar.
[mood |stressedstressed]

At the behest of my brother in law, I've listed my home on Craigslist. I've gotten a lot of responses, but mostly people who want to do an Owner Financing deal. No thanks. Maybe if I was going to stay in BG, but I am, sadly, not coming back to stay anytime soon.

Anyway, here's the listing:

And more pics:

We're finally done working on it, and I'm really proud of what my family and family-to-be have helped me accomplish. I just hope that the place sells to someone who will take as much pride in it, as I do. And really soon. I don't exactly have a lot of wiggle room in my budget right now.

Anyone want to buy a house?
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Never Gonna Give You Up, Dad! [Jun. 18th, 2008|07:36 pm]
ghost of stellar.
I didn't get to see my dad for Father's Day, plus I was kind of broke. So to make it up to him, for some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to rib him for Father's Day by Rick-Rolling him. Well, ol' JP didn't get it. His response? "Thanks. I always did like his voice."

When I tried to explain the Rick Roll phenomenon to my Pop, he just shook his head. "Why would a Rick Astley video be so funny to people?"

My response: I guess it's cuz he's a red headed white guy who sounds black...?

Jim just shook his head again, and changed the subject.

Should've expected as much from the guy who asked me for a Backstreet Boys CD for his birthday one year.
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What the F is Voltron doing in my Spiderman!? [Jun. 18th, 2008|07:35 pm]
ghost of stellar.
Freakin' Japanese have to put some form of Voltron in like everything.

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